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Love the Hop Crown? Find it on the Hop Heart website,  here .

Love the Hop Crown? Find it on the Hop Heart website, here.

Craft Brewed Jewelry was created to highlight your favorite beverage in a beautiful way. Each piece is crafted with love and respect for the environment. It’s my hope that through my work I can change the way others look at trash and see that there is beauty in the often overlooked and discarded.
— Kelly Cline (Owner + Maker)

I'm Kelly...  a 34 year old craft beer enthusiast with roots in Johnson City, TN, but currently calling Charlottesville, VA home. Although my professional background is in videography and directing for TV, my passion is in DIY, design, and crafting. 

Inspired by the artwork on the ever growing supply of craft beer cans, I set out to redefine the way you think about trash. I started Craft Brewed Jewelry in 2015 combining my love of craft beer and design into eco-friendly and timeless accessories that coordinate with every day fashion.  

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I am learning the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur while also exploring my love for adventures, cooking, and DIY. Lately, I've been enjoying exploring our new home town (Charlottesville, VA) with my boyfriend, Ben. Check out more stories on the Craft Brewed Blog... or follow along my journey by following me on Instagram , or join the email list at the bottom of any page on this site.

handmade promise

Each piece is handmade by me (Kelly) with thorough attention to every detail. Each piece has unique qualities and even though some may be made from the same cans, no two pieces will be exactly identical. Don't be afraid to reach out if you are looking for a custom piece! I am more than happy to help make your vision a reality.


Craft Brewed Jewelry is always on the move! You can check out where I'll be next on our upcoming events page. Feel free to reach out with suggestions for upcoming opportunities. Know of a great show that fits the Craft Brewed Jewelry vibe? We would love to come! All inquiries can be directed via email to: craftbrewedjewelry@gmail.com or by submitting the contact form below.

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